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Book giveaway: Irregular Heartbeat

[Edit: The giveaway is closed. You can find the winners here. But feel free to read the comments and leave your own, we can never have too many wonderful reading suggestions.]


you’ve probably read my guest post about medical romance on T.B. Markinson’s wonderful I Heart Lesfic.

If you didn’t, you can find it here.

To celebrate the release of my first novel, I’m doing a giveaway.

One reader can win either a signed paperback or an ebook of Irregular Heartbeat, winner’s choice.

Just answer the following question in the comment (or mail it to me):

What is your favorite lesbian or woman-loving-woman medical romance?

(You have two weeks until November 9th to post or mail your answer.)

108 thoughts on “Book giveaway: Irregular Heartbeat”

  1. Hey Chris !!

    Yeahhhhhhhhh !!! A giveway … What a wonderful idea !! 🙂
    I’m not ashamed to confess that I LOVE my growing collection of signed copies (paperbacks)

    Based on what I’ve read until now in the lesbian / woman-loving-woman medical romance category, here are my favorites (there are all at the same level for different reasons …) :
    °Erin Wade’s “The Roughneck and the Lady”
    °J’ae’s “Heart Trouble” & “Falling Hard”
    °RJ Nolan ‘s complete L.A. Metro Series (“L.A. Metro” + “In a Heartbeat” & “Wounded Souls”)

    Good luck everyone !!

      • Hey there !!

        Of course, I meant “Jae” … :p 😉 (sorry about that … 🙂 )

        Ahhh that’s cool to meet another paperbacks lover !! I read more and more ebooks on the laptop (usually in PDF since kindle/mobi doesn’t work over here and EPUB is a catastrophe since a couple of W10 updates) but it’s really not the same, and it’s also very tiring for my poor green eyes …

        I LOVED “The Roughneck and the Lady” !! I’ll definitely re-read it … someday (for now I have so many books to read that I don’t have any time to re-read anything. LOL). Think you should appreciate Erin’s novel, it’s a great one !!!

        Oh, BTW => Happy Halloween !!


  2. Hi Chris.

    So far, my favorite Medical Romance would be Jae’s ‘Heart Trouble’.

    Maybe in the near future I can say that it is your book.

  3. Hi Chris

    I love any book by Radclyffe. Too many to mention. I also love Heart Trouble by Jae.

    I’d like to wish everyone good luck.

  4. Don’t know if this is strictly speaking a medical romance, but a lot of it happens in a hospital, one of the main characters is a neurosurgeon, the other an ER nurse. G Benson: Who’d Have Thought. It’s brilliant!

  5. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for doing a giveaway.
    So many good medical romance. Tons of Radclyffe. 1st Responders and the River Series. My all time favorite Fated Love. But I just finished just Jae’s Heart Trouble and loved it.

  6. Medical Romance- one of my favorite. I like everything from this section! All Books by Radclyffe – where she has a lot of characters as doctors including her Latest “Passionate Rivals” which was excellent. I also got into Books from Camryn Eyde which are pretty sweet!
    I would love to add yours to my collection.

  7. That is a tough question and difficult to narrow down. There are so many good books playing in a medical environment but I especially liked Radclyffe’s Crossroads, the First Responders Series and the River Community novels.
    I also enjoyed Lynne Norris’ Second Chances and Emily Smith’s Searching for Forever.

  8. KD Williamson combines two of my favorites, cops & docs in her Between The Lines series! I hope that counts! I would love to add yours to my library!

  9. I’ve only read a few medical romances, but the most recent was one I really enjoyed – Cara Malone, Love Trauma. I was especially drawn to Darcy who was a combat medic.

    As a side note, I also enjoyed Who’d have thought. And others.

  10. My Favorites…
    G Benson’s “Who’d Have Thought” (it’s phenomenal, no exaggeration; will re-read year after year)
    Radclyffe’s “Fated Love” (one of the first wlw books I read; re-read often and it still delights)

    I look forward to reading your wlw medical romance, “Irregular Heartbeat”, and Tegan Shepard’s wlw medical romance, “Vising Hours”. Also want to read the following wlw medical romance series: RJ Nolan’s LA Metro series, KD Williamson’s Cops & Docs series, Camryn Eyde’s Tricky series, and latest ones of Radclyffe’s Rivers Community series.

  11. I like the L.A Metro series and started recently reading the cops and docs blurred lines series. Both brilliant, but most hospital romance I like. There is too many just to choose one.

  12. It’s a toss up between “heart trouble” by jae and “all that matters” by susan x meagher

    But ultimately i couldn’t actually choose just one book and since this is one of my favorite genre it’s double hard 😀

  13. Wooo a giveaway. Really enjoyed this one. Wonderful debut. <3 But to your question… I would say if I had to choose a top favorite medical romance then definitely 'Heart Trouble' by Jae.

  14. My Favorites…
    G Benson’s “Who’d Have Thought” (it’s phenomenal, no exaggerations; will re-read it year after year)
    Radclyffe’s “Fated Love” (one of the 1st wlw books I read; re-read often and it still delights)

    I look forward to reading your wlw medical romance “Irregular Heartbeat” and Tegan Shepard’s “Visiting Hours”. Also want to read (or continue to read) the following wlw medical romances series: RJ Nolan’s LA Metro series, KD Williamson’s Cops & Docs series, Camryn Edye’s Tricky series, Radclyffe’s Rivers Community series, and Radclyffe’s PMC Hospital series (Fated Love is book 1 in that series).

  15. First of all thank you for doing this, it’s a great idea. It’s always hard to choose just one, there are so many good ones. There is Falling Hard by Jae, love that one. But I also love KD Williamson Cops and Docs series. Ok I’ll stop there or I’ll never finish ;p

  16. Oh gosh well aside from saying your book is now up there in wlw medical romances my favourite of all time is G Bensons “All the Little Moments”.

  17. My favorite is probably Who’d Have Thought by G Benson but I’m also quite the fan of Blurred Lines and the rest of the Cops and Docs series by KD Williamson.

  18. Thanks for giving away your book. Would love to add it to my reading list(probably will even if I don’t win,lol).
    Medical romance is my fave genre.
    All med romances by Radclyffe,especially the PMC and Rivers docs. Jae’s Heart Trouble and Falling Hard. Cops and Docs series by KD Williamson. Heartsick by Tracey Richardson. I have to stop there or this post will go on forever!

  19. I enjoyed many of Radclyffe’s medical romances. As a favourite, I think I’d choose All the Little Moments by G. Benson. Apart from those, I haven’t read too many other lesbian medical romances, so I think it would be a good idea to branch out and try a new author like you!

    • I can only encourage you to branch out and try a debut author. 😉 Or maybe you’ll find more inspiration in the other comments.

  20. I love Radcliffe’s “Fated Love” , but my all time favorite is “Lights of the Heart” by Nat Burns. While working at an accident scene the doctor is injuries when a gas tank explodes and the doctor suffers through TBI. Her medical assistant stands by her during the long recovery period. What was so interesting is that Nat Burns herself suffered through TBI.

  21. So many to choose from but Fated Love – Radclyffe has the edge.
    Your own Irregular Heartbeat, Lights of the Heart – Nat Burns, Heart Trouble – Jae and the Mero Series – RJ Nolan are among so many other good ones. I read the ARC version of Irregular Heartbeat and rated it 4 stars. Very happy that you’re writing full length books now and can’t wait to read more. Wonderful idea to have the signed giveaway!

  22. Hi Chris,
    I really enjoy reading about the military / medical stories. A Long Wway Home by Roslyn Bane is a really good read

  23. I really like Jae’s Heart Trouble a lot. I haven’t read a lot of medical romances yet, but so far I’ve really enjoyed them.

    Not a novel, but the webcomic Pulse by Ratana Satis is really good too.

  24. I don’t have any signed paperbacks yet and would love this one since it was one of the greatest medical romance books I’ve read along with who’d have thought

  25. Love all
    RJ Nolan books but favorite characters are Kim and Jess
    Radclyffe books but favorite characters are Honor and Quinn
    KD Williamson books but favorite characters are Kellie and Nora
    JA Armstrong Special Delivery series

  26. Has to be Tricky Wisdom and Tricky Chances by Camryn Eyde – both have been re reads several times and waiting for the last book in the series to be released

  27. This is definitely one of my new favorites! I also love LA Metro by RJ Nolan, Fated Love by Radclyffe, & Between the Lines by KD Williamson

  28. My current fave is Who’d Have Thought by G Benson. I’m a sucker for the fake dating trope and maybe it’s just been a bit since I’ve dug into some lesfic but I was really pleasantly surprised by the representation present in it, keeping up with the world today so it at least resembles the one I know.

  29. I have a HUGE list of favorites, but my #1 (so far) has to be Jae’s ‘Heart Trouble’, followed very closely by Radclyffe’s ‘Fated Love’. I’m a sucker for a good medical romance.

  30. Wow, I feel like saying all of the above and I’m also taking notes for the ones I haven’t read. Ask, Tell, though, had that military/medical mashup that I love. One I don’t think was mentioned is Fusion by Diana Kane. No worries about your book because it’s at the top of my Amazon wish list so it’ll be in my library soon anyway.


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