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8 Short Stories about Women-Loving Women

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Don’t want to say goodbye to your favorite characters? Neither do we! Eight authors of women-loving-women fiction have come together to reveal glimpses into the lives of some of their most popular characters.

Each never-before-published short story is a mini sequel or a missing chapter to one of the author’s most beloved novels.

Enjoy reconnecting with your favorite characters…or discovering new ones.

“Three Ways to Ruin a Perfect Wedding” by Chris Zett

After two years, Lena and Jess plan their perfect wedding: small, only close friends and family. What could go wrong?
A mini-sequel to Heart Failure

“Lucky Yellow Shoes” by Jae

Denny is planning to propose to Eliza on Christmas Day, but she needs some help finding the perfect ring. Will it all go according to plan, or will she end up being the one surprised?

“First-Class Villains” by Lee Winter

Four of Lee Winter’s infamous villains accidentally meet in a first-class airport lounge in London. As the fog keeps them trapped and the alcohol flows, a small bet is wagered: Who among them has done the worst deed? Who is the First-Class Villain?

“Never Say Never” by Lola Keeley

While Tess and Susannah met and fell in love, the village of Hayleith also witnessed a reunion between older couple Babs and Joan. A year down the line, how are both of our couples faring, and what does the future hold for them?

“Feliz Natal” by A.L. Brooks

Carmen and her brother Tristan are taking their partners home to meet their parents for Christmas. For Tristan, it’s the first visit home with his boyfriend on his arm. Will it be a Christmas to remember—or forget?

“The Other Captain” by Cheyenne Blue

There’s only one captain on a yacht—and that’s Kaz. But all is equal in love, and Stevie gets the chance to be captain during an environmental protest in the Coral Sea. Is she up to the task?

“Lost and Found” by Fiona Zedde

Between saving the world as superheroes and dealing with family drama, Xóchitl and Mai go on an official first date. Along the way, they run into a green-eyed monster, hot tamales, and a bed for two they can’t put to proper use. Will their budding love survive the day?

“Too Old for Rave Parties” by Quinn Ivins

Carmen isn’t feeling young or hip, especially after she clicked on an attachment that infected her entire department with a computer virus. But she promised to go clubbing for her younger girlfriend’s birthday. Will she have fun with Molly and her friends, or will the DC gay scene be more than she can handle?

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